Purple Sage Herbs & Gifts!

We pride ourselves on being a most unusual Tea and Gift shop.  We carry organic teas and coffees from around the world.  We have accessories to go with each different exotic blend. The teas we carry are carefully blended to burst with flavor when the water surrounds the tea leaves.  Proper timing will insure a perfect cup of tea every time. 


Whole bean coffee is a new addition to the shop.  After years of building the tea business, coffee is now available at Purple Sage.  These wonderful coffees offer an exquisite taste to the discerning palate!


We invite you to come in for a sample - there is always tea on the warmer.  When doing so, we will help you combine different products and will advise you professionally, competently, and comprehensivley.


Come and talk to us, we are here for you!


Organic Teas, Coffees, and More

In addition to fine organic teas and coffees, we offer a wide assortment of loose herbs and supplements.  You can also pick from a variety of tea accessories, such as tea pots, cups, mugs, tea balls, honey, scone mixes, and many other items to accompany the serving and enjoyment of tea.

About Us

Organic Teas, Coffees and Accessories

We are your reliable contact partner when it comes to questions about teas and coffees. At our store, we offer you a large selection of high quality organic teas, coffees and accessories at affordable prices.